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Does anyone know how to contact a human?
Published on April 25, 2011 By Phil Osborn In Internet

My yahoo.com account has crashed.  I can no longer access it and all mail sent to it bounces with a fatal and permanent error message.  The last time this happened was years ago when I posted some material here and elsewhere about a Congressman's checkered past.  Then I lost access to my blogs as well as yahoo.com mail for about a week.  Of course, coincidence is not causality...  Altho it did happen twice in the same year.

I have not a clue as to why this time.  And yahoo customer service is not helping.  I kept going through a loop and ending up with the same page asking me to enter my ID - no problem - and then telling me that it couldn't do an automatic fix; I would have to go to customer service, which is where I started.

For those in this boat, here is the address that I found, after an hour and a half of total runaround:


However, so far, while promising personal human intervention, this has yielded more of the same.  Whoever, or whatever, responded with the very same suggestions that I had gotten from the idiot customer service, totally ignoring that I had spelled out that I could not access my account at all and that all my incoming mail was bouncing, and that the automatic recovery system was NOT working.

Does anyone have a yahoo phone number that I could call to alert them to what's happening and hopefully get me back on line with my mail, before I go nuts?  BTW, they haven't lost my ID.  I checked that by going to their new user page, which allows one to check whether an ID is available.  Mine is not, which implies that at least something remains of my 5+ year primary mail account. 


on Apr 25, 2011

Try here:


Looks promising... make sure it's yahoo though, and never give "personal details" to online help.

on Apr 25, 2011

Yee-ouch!  Please keep us informed of your progress.  I have Yahoo as well, and while mine has yet to crash, I hate the fact that you are getting the run around.  In today's world, being without email for even a short period of time can be catastrophic.

on Apr 25, 2011

Yup. The moon could come crashing down and we wouldn't know diddly or ET will pay us a visit and wonder why these dumb earthlings are still futzin' around with email instead of the good stuff.

on Apr 25, 2011

Back up and running.  Thanks for the response.  Going to back up everything next...