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Why Evil Often Prevails
Published on April 5, 2017 By Phil Osborn In Everything Else

I was thinking about the casual, everyday evil that we face, wondering how it so often prevails.

Not sure how much time I can realistically devote to this just now, but my inclination is to strike when my muse tells me.

As an Aspy, I am very familiar with the typical experience of being blamed for everything.  Even now, nearing 70, I find that on a daily basis I am the object of suspicion at home and where I work.  No doubt part of this is simply that for me and most Aspies, our limbic resonance is off.  People feel stressed around us.   Ah... Just recalled what I jotted down last night just before passing out to sleep.  OK, let's put this one on hold and jump to something completely different...  Later.

on Apr 06, 2017

I think I know what you are saying. If you are crazy no one wants to be around you. They humor you as long aS THEY don't have to hang out with you.

But if you are trusting and nice most people take advantage of that. 

Girls say they want nice guys, but they don't seem to practice that. 

For the most part being nice only seems to work in the church world. 

When you tell bad people you don't fight they don't care. 

People tell me they never been a fight, but that would only work in my life if you were really mean.

I noticed the worst people will tell me they are good people.

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