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Published on May 16, 2006 By Phil Osborn In Biology
Yeah, sure, I know that Demos are supposed to be a buncha wimpy Republican wannabees. However, with this group - you might be really SURPRISED! Members of the Patrick Henry group include a lot of the major Green Party people and other local activists, mostly KPFK fans. This time, they are going to have a real star performer on tap. Greg Benford is both a noted physicist and a top-ranked sf writer. He is also a professor of physics at UCI. AND, he was on the two big federally sponsored panels of scientists assigned to look at Global Warming, whose results were quietly shelved by the current administration.

Benford both knows his subject and knows how to present it. I've heard him before at the Orange County Science Fiction Society Club, both on this subject and others. Greg was a close friend of Phillip K. Dick when he lived in the OC.

So, find out what the reality really is about Global Warming and what our realistic options actually are. This talk should be on Prime Time TV, but you get to listen and participate live.

Here's their meeting announcement:

"Come and Join the Club for Democrats who are making a Difference!

The Patrick Henry Democratic Club

A family-friendly club designed for progressive Democrats who care about changing the face of politics.

Join us at our next meeting:

Tuesday, May 23, 2006, 7:30pm
New Location: Denny's Restaurant

2314 E. 17th St.
Santa Ana, CA

(Near the corner of 17th and Tustin, just east of the 55 freeway;
Arrive at 7:00pm for food and/or drinks a.y.o.e.)

Guest Speaker:
Dr. Gregory Benford, UCI Physicist
World renowned expert on global warming &
Award winning writer

Come and join with us to promote a peaceful and prosperous future and defeat the right wing agenda of the Bush regime.

The Patrick Henry Democratic Club meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month.
See http://PatrickHenryThinkTank.org for more information.
Remote Memberships available."

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