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Published on November 17, 2008 By Phil Osborn In Humor

PO BOX 997408
SACRAMENTO CA 95889-7408
From: xxxxxxxx (Me)

xxxx E Edinger Ave., #x

Santa Ana, CA 92705

November 17, 2008


RE: NOTICE OF INTENT TO SUSPEND – License Plate #xxxxx


Dear DMV:


You made an error.  More precisely, your employee at the Santa Ana DMV made an error – actually several of them, but I missed this one, due to my old age inability to easily read tiny print.


First, she entered my mispelled my name for the registration.  When I politely pointed this out, she became visably angry.  She then misentered my address as West Edinger instead of East Edinger, which would have left me wondering what had happened to my title, had I not caught it.  That made her more angry and she started snapping at me. 


(I hope that my experience was not representative and that she was just having a really bad day. Note that she was taking all the infomation directly from my drivers' license, which is quite legible, and the original title, which was also in good shape.  I was peering past the counter to try to read her entries on the computer.)


I should have caught the VIN # error as well.  However, my eyes are just not that good anymore.


As shown on the attached copy of my Progressive Insurance Identification Card for policy number xxxxxxxxx, the correct VIN # for my 1983 550 Nighthawk is NOT xxxxOxxxxxxxxxxx, but rather xxxxCxxxxxxxxxxx, which I just verified by inspecting the motorcycle itself, since I no longer have the original title, having given it to the above mentioned DMV employee. 


I would assume that this means that both my registration and the title you sent me are invalid, making it impossible to sell the bike, should I so desire, and possibly my insurance as well, altho it at least has the correct information on it, which I’m fairly sure I read off to the insurance rep from the original title.  I will have to spend a couple hours finding my title now, as I just moved a whole lot of files into a new storage location.


Please advise me as to how to procede, as I am sure that this will end up costing me and the taxpayers hundreds of dollars in time and effort to resolve, which will only partially be offset by the amusement it provides to my many blog readers as I document each step of this minor error snowballing into a catastrophe.


I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your prompt attention to this.



(xxx) xxxxxxxxx


Pray for me...

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