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This really sucks
Published on May 12, 2014 By Phil Osborn In Health & Medicine

Some years ago, I opened the books on a local congressman, all that pesky history that really wasn't so bad, objectively.  It was just that he was trying to live a lie - and still is!  He comes off as the squeeky clean Mr. Conservative, when only a few decades ago he was dead in the sights of Ronny Raygun, who was bent on using California's home grown storm troupers to prevent the anarchist-libertarian faction of Young American for Freedom, headed by the later congressman, from taking over YAF.  1969.  People - delegates! - were barred from the YAF National Convention in L.A. by armed CA State Troupers who were there to make sure that the Nixonite faction won the elections, as the libertarians were never seated.

Anyway, net zero for my efforts.  I never learn.  I had tried the same thing in the mid-'80's and all the damning info mysteriously disappeared from a locked storage room.   I turned Claudia Luthor - political correspondent of the OC outlet of the L.A. times back then - onto the story and she got together with the world's pre-eminent historian of the ideas of liberty, Ken Gregg (deceased) - and Ken KNEW and had told me on various occasions prior to this of various articles from this congressman-to-be on subjects such as draft resistance (pro - and he was a resistor himself), drug use (legalize it), armed resistence to narcs, and on and on - mostly stuff that I and hundreds of thousands of radical libertarians totally agreed on.  But we didn't pretend that that stuff never happened and then run for congress looking like Mr. Clean.  Bottom line.  ALL the references and copies of print magazines with the damning material were GONE!  Someone went through there with a fine tooth comb, I'm thinking...

But if that weren't enough to make one paranoid (or two or three...), then we come to the days of the net, when I tried the same thing again - twice, the for several days and nearly a week the second time, and my Yahoo email went down along with my access to JoeUser.  So, they didn't believe in the NSA either!  Ha HA!  Fools.  I told them.  NOW they'll listen.  YeahhaHA.

Which brings to the little story about some mice  - and don't depend upon this link working.  You will probably have to copy and paste it into the address box and then wait while "Time" redirects you and do it again.  Eventually, the "Time" site gives up and lets you see the original article:


What a damned breakthrough!  The implications for starters being that anyone who isn't on that insane "No Fly List (where in HELL did they come up with a rationalization for THAT?  Oh, wait, the prez doesn't need a rationalization.  He MAKEs the laws, right?  You disagree?  Ever hear of waterboarding?  (Moral - don't disagree.)  NOT torture, because we wrote a memorandum... Or the drone strikes, with the prez angonizing over which "suspected terrorist" to kill..."  I digress.

... So, you're starting to slow down.  You're afraid at night, because if someone did break in or jump you on the street, you may not be strong enough to defend yourself any more.  You're memory is skipping beats and sometimes you wonder what it is that you were doing ten minutes ago, much less last week.  You hurt, all over, most of the time.  But there's a solution (no pun).  Just find some kid in China or Pakistan who will "donate" a pint or two of the red stuff.  Knock off a few years.  Hell, 50 was a lot better than 60 and 60 looks really great compared to 70.  "Just give me back ten years," you plead...  Hint.  Don't stand in front of the clinic door.

The first problem is supply and demand.  Lots of old people seeking youth.  Too few youth.  Prices go up.  People demand it for their moms, dads, grand-dads.  Money buys life!  Of course it always did, but not like something from Anne Rice.

Second problem - assuming of course that this trick actually works - AIDS and other blood-bourne infections.  Anti-bodies for AIDs often don't show up for up to a year, during which time you ARE infectious.

Third little problem, which is why I bothered with the whole tale that I started with:  It's been done before...  Back in the early or mid '80's, I was a member of ALCOR, the Cryonics foundation.  (I left because the math didn't work for me.  I figured that by putting my cash into staying healthy, I had a better chance of staying alive long enough for real anti-aging to come along.)  Anyway, I asked someone at ALCOR who was a genius techie - whose idea of light reading was "Science" and "Science News" - whether such a transfusion had ever been tried and he pointed me to some source regarding the same kind of transfusion experiments - with the same general results as those just released.  Young blood makes old animals younger.  We are animals.  Then I never heard or read another word on the subject.

But this was one of the factors that led me to think about the possibility of hidden tech.  Forget 100mpg carbs.  What about real transplants, with techiques for anti-rejection that don't leave you with an expected five year lifespan due to infections and cancers?  See Ira Levins "This Perfect Day."


What if there were an elite with a secret fountain of youth - as in "Elysium?"  Maybe based on something(s) in the blood of young people...

So, I wrote about this on FB.  Then I went back to check on my "Home" submission later on that afternoon.  It was gone.

I had copied it, as usual.  So, I reposted.  Again, it disappeared.  I tried five times and then I went to some of the groups that I'm on and posted there.  It always disappeared.  Then, suddenly my earlier posts and all the stuff that people post me that ends up on "Home" started disappearing back to 15 hours.  It was still gone until sometime overnight.  The record of my posts shows up under "My Activity," so there are accessible caches there - that only I could see, however.  Now, almost everything is back.  Why did it disappear?  Never had that problem with FB - other than in some closed groups that ended up with power-mad sysops.   Certainly never with my own posts from "Home."

I don't think, BTW, that the congressman I mentioned sent rogue CIA black opps assets to search my friends storage, or to shut down my email.  But somebody may have.  Coincidences happen, but four times (the letter from the to be congressman to me from 1968 advocating all kinds of interesting anarchist activity, which disappeared after I showed it around a few years ago makes it four) that I know of? 



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