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Systems at odds
Published on January 5, 2015 By Phil Osborn In Health & Medicine


Just this morning, I thought about the recent finding that allegedly demonstrates statistically that about 2/3 cancers are random occurences, typically  involving a mistaken stem cell differentiation.  Thus, perhaps only 1/3 of cancers, overall, are preventable via diet or environmental or lifestyle.  Genescient may have some answers to this, or the potential to develop them, as their general theory sounds very robust.

My thought, however was on the lines of "what about sex?"  That is, perhaps the confusion that causes a stem cell to mutate to a cancer cell is due to the mix of genes from male vs. female, and/or the recombinations thereof.   Imagine that our stem cell keeps getting the signal to produce something ???, based on a lack indicated via gene linkage.   Perhaps the lack is real and a stem cell's help is really needed, but the signal is somehow wrong.  Perhaps the lack is not real, but a miss-signal that is a hallucination on the part of the stem cell, due to the above...


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