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Hanging with the Digerati
Published on August 28, 2016 By Phil Osborn In Singularity

Check out O'Keans across the street from the Tustin library, OC CA US

Oddly enough, this coffee shop is a kind of intellectual nexus for the area, one of several.

At seemingly random times, some group - Christian intellectuals, Japanese families, Korean families, etc., college students, philosophers, gamers, digerati ... somehow arrive as a cohort and take over the space.  There is just enough room inside for 2 or 3 such groups to cluster with a few seats left.  O'Keans runs late - 11PM Fridays & Saturdays.  BIG parking lot, but often totally filled.  More parking on and across the street.  Good place for mini-meetups.  More tables - 6 or 8 - outside.

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