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Sources of Evil
Published on September 17, 2016 By Phil Osborn In Singularity

I recently developed a really great relationship.  My new friend has read so many of the same books, seen the same movies, enjoyed the same sf, thought the same thoughts that it often feels like talking to myself.  And, she has a great sense of humor. It looked like a dream come true.  We sometimes disagreed, but we both took the disagreements as opportunities for exploration and growth.  About time, damn it!

Until she suddenly made a declaration to the effect that everything was subjective, expanding on the concept to include such statements as there is no good or evil, nobody is in a position to judge... plug in whatever BS.  This from someone whose closest ancestors nearly bought it in the Holocaust.  Oy Vey! 

My reaction was not positive.  

She qualified her remarks with a statement to the effect that as a woman she was exempt from the general social contract that binds us to speak the truth and be ready to defend our beliefs and conclusions with logic and reason. ~"Logic?  There are multiple kinds of logic." I wondered how many of them would have gotten us to the moon. 

This is not the first time I have run into someone with these kind of beliefs, by a long shot.  Usually the context has been that the party does not want to be held to a standard that does not allow them to commit some kind of crime or personal infringement. 

Or, they simply want to be able to change the rules in the game any time their choices lead to unwanted outcomes.  Reality - what a bother!  I'm not putting down gaming, BTW.  Games can have rules that are every bit as stringent as any interpretation of "reality."  And anyway, games are real games - no option to escape.  Those who know and use the rules that make the games work tend to be winners. 

I'm reminded of the scene in "Atlas Shrugged" with Francisco at the party, and this dowager alarmed by his attitudes who asks him what will happen to everyone ~ "Everyone will get what they deserve."  The lady "OH! How awful."

To be continued...

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