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the TOE of TOEs
Published on March 1, 2017 By Phil Osborn In Everything Else


Imagine applying this to everyday audio/video via something like Google Glass. Imagine refining huge samples such as a novel or a physics compendium.

Maybe we already have enough data, given this methodology, to describe and extract a full blown universal TOE.  If so, why do anything more?  In general, if we know that this is theoretically possible then what incentive remains, of any kind?  Do we have to GO there?  Or is it sufficient to our needs and non neurotic natural desires just to know about it? 

It's like the need to remember, when we have the internet and Google... At what point, when we Boomers start really having the chips in the head, is the info on the chip a part of our consciousness? 

I can imagine an argument between an android and a enhanced human in which the android asks the human how he can claim this thing he calls consciousness.  Or is it all just self-affirmation?  Is the human doing what one could program the android to do - keep reaffirming that one is conscious and not just a fancy carbon-based bio-machine that finds reason to continue and propagate because at some point it acquired this act of faith, even though the real reason that we can't seem to pin down exactly what consciousness is is that it isn't?

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