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Making It Real
Published on May 21, 2017 By Phil Osborn In Singularity

Here we go:

The universe is a whole.  No part can contradict that.  (thought experiment goes here)

Dimensions of analysis:

Art, Artificial Intelligence, Cybernetics, Decision Theory, Evil, Freedom, Justice, Limbic Resonance, Love, Perceptual Reaffirmation, Personal Trust, Perversion of Thought, Physics, Property Theory, Sex, Singularity, Social Contract, Sociopaths

I'm using my algebraic analytics.  While I adopted this methodology in the mid-'70's, I've not seen anyone else adopting it so far.  However, here's a really neat discovery that fits right into my claim that this is not just a great way to bring interdisciplinary facts into integrated focus, but that it explains much of how thought and perception work. Check this out:


To be continued..

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